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    Covid-19 Response

    Our core objective at Cartamundi is the health and safety of our employees and the continuation of service to our customers.

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  • "The seemingly unlimited creative challenges we receive from our customers allow us to push our own limits and to excel at what we do."

    Peter De Weerdt

    Global Key Account Manager

    Magic on Press, Magic the Gathering Cards, Printing Magic Cards,
  • "At Cartamundi we live by a golden rule: keep playing. You’ll stay young at heart and connect with others."

    Marco van Haaften

    International Marketing Director

    Cartamundi, Playing Cards, fun work environment, playing card production, playing card manufacturing
  • "Ready to publish in the USA? Cartamundi is the winning combination for a quality, cost effective, close-to-market manufacturing partner."

    Armand Fernandes

    VP Product Management & Development

    Armand Fernandes, Cartamundi ELM